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3 days to go…

May 18, 2011

So here I am, in Delaware, three days to go until leaving for Nica.
I’ve been doing laundry and trying to pack up everything which is difficult
since I’ll be studying abroad in Managua next semester and won’t be coming home
in between which means I have to think long long term. It’s exciting to be able to stay
in Nicaragua for so long but I also need to make sure I’m not too comfortable, especially
with the upcoming presidential election. I am anxious to finally be in Nicaragua with a definite purpose and to be able to work more closely with FUPROSOMUNIC. I think it will be an interesting transition working as a male for an organization that
seeks to empower women, especially since I can imagine the reactions of the Nicaraguans
and the explaining I’ll have to do. It is certainly something I look forward to though.
Seeing my family again is going to be nice too, especially so that I can eat a fresh pupusa (
I hope that working with solar ovens I’ll be able to learn to cook some Nicaraguan cuisine. I think what I’m relaly looking forward to though is to listen to people’s different opinions on the election
since it is such a country so politically aware and motivated. Anyway, that’s all for now,
next time I’ll post I’ll be in Nica.

Benjamín Zeledón



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