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Off to a Nicaragua

May 19, 2011

This is first of many blogs for this summer, where to start. Well, I leave for Nicaragua in a few hours, yesterday was my last day in Gettysburg until August 23rd. Three months away, honestly I didn’t think I would feel nostalgia when leaving for the summer but of course the family and friends made such a big deal about my departure that it will be different not to see their familiar faces. But I am to excited to for this summer. I have been waiting for this summer, since I open my college mail and found the acceptance letter! I still remember that day, and walking back to my dorm with Bridget in excitement, knowing that her, Ben, and I would be the Heston Group of 2011.
I have been to Nicaragua before but this second trip will be completely different. I do feel grateful that I am somewhat familiar with the country, yet only 10 tens only gives one a glimpse of a community’s reality. Now, I have gotten pretty nervous for this summer, just because what one usually expects isn’t exactly what happens. I hope to do well at my placement, and be of use because I remember from working with kids that at times volunteers were more trouble than help. Yet, the latter was just on very few occasions. So being a bother, instead of an extra pair of hands at Las Tias has become a worry of mine, but I hope this will not be the case.
The elections coming up should be interesting, I’m curious to see the people’s reactions and hear their take on the candidates. Politics have not been a strong subject of mine, but this doesn’t take away my interest since life is politics I suppose. I was in Mexico a few months before Felipe Calderón was elected president in 2006. There were marches, protests, roads were blocked, people chanted, signs were carried and so on. It will be interesting to be able to compare the elections I remember with the one the Nicaraguans are preparing for in November.
Hope I packed everything needed, actually I really hope I didn’t over pack!

Elena Perez-Zetune


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