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10 hours until Uganda!

May 19, 2011

Since the last time a checked, we leave for Uganda in 10 HOURS!! I have been waiting so long to start this summer that I can hardly believe it’s about to begin. I’m really hoping that this trip allows me to step into a different way of life. It’s difficult to envision a world outside of Connecticut and Pennsylvania and I’m determined to change that! The first step was convincing my parents that going to Uganda for the summer wasn’t crazy… still working on that one. Second, I had to get through sophomore year without dropping out in pure “over-excitement” for this trip. And finally, I have to pack. That has been the most interesting part. My mom has succeeded in stuffing everything in sight into my bag, saying “don’t worry! You’ll be happy to have 5 pounds of bug spray and costco size peanut butter when your there!” She it totally right. Lucky for my mom, she has witnessed all of my nervous mood swings in preparation for the trip, the ups and the way down lows. I have been thinking a lot about what my sister has said upon returns home from Africa and the words of wisdom from Gretchen and Kim. I’m worried most of all that I will be unable to make even a small change where I work. I know that I will defiantly change from this experience and learn more than I have ever in my life, but I don’t want that to be at the expense of anyone else. Aside from that, I’m nervous to meet my home stay family, but from what I understand, they will soon become my outlet in Uganda. Through all of this, my family has been beyond supportive. My parents have encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone, and everyone of my sisters called to say goodbye! I couldn’t have asked for more! 

Well… now it’s only 9 and a half hours!  Can’t wait to meet up with Kate and Mike at the airport tomorrow morning!! So many views to see, people to meet and smells to smell!!

– Margot Stluka 

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