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Go with the flow

May 21, 2011

Well, well, well. The adventures have officially begun. I felt pretty confident preparing for this trip. I have traveled to Central America several times and spent time in León a little over a year ago. In retrospect, perhaps I was too confident. When it came time to fly out of Boston on Thursday, all of my planning was flipped upside down. Obstacle #1: My flight was delayed enough (because of rain and fog) so that I would have missed my connection to Managua. Obstacle #2: I wouldn’t be able to catch another plane out of Fort Lauderdale until Sunday—AKA three days just chilling in Florida. Although I would have welcomed this vacation at any other point, I really wanted to get to Nicaragua. Obstacle 3: I had to somehow let Greg know that I wouldn’t be arriving in Managua that night so that they weren’t waiting for me in the airport.
So, I canceled flights, rescheduled others, and was able to work it all out in the end.
And what did I learn from this? EVERYTHING is subject to change.
In the next couple months, I anticipate all sorts of obstacles to be thrown at me.
The key: Go with the flow, and make it work.

I’m excited to move in with my family and start working with my program next week. I can’t wait for my first dish of platanos fritos and a tall glass of jamaica, the music, the friendly greetings on the street.
Although I am nervous about getting back into the swing of speaking Spanish, I am mostly ecstatic to be returning to Nicaragua.


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