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Here We Go!

June 7, 2011

All moved in and ready to go! Carter, Aleks and I spent yesterday cleaning our kitchen and common area, and, for me, knowing that our house is clean is a great way to kick off the summer!

We had our Gettysburg training today. In the morning, we discussed immigration, sharing our family’s experience, and the meaning of sustainable development. We met with Emily from South Central Community Action Program (SCCAP) and Kathy from Healthy Adams County to talk about their jobs and the organizations they represent. It was a quick glance into some of the issues facing Adams County and how the community has come together to solve those problems. These solutions are not quick fixes, but rather sustainable means to help people help themselves.

I feel like that will be my mantra this summer – help people help themselves. This internship is not about me pretending like I know the answers; rather, it’s about learning and becoming aware of all the factors that contribute to social injustice. It’s about sharing my experiences and learning from those of others and coming up with informed solutions together. Working at Campus Kitchens this summer will allow me to connect to a variety of people in the community and learn more about poverty and the wage gap. I’m looking forward to hearing their stories.

The other half of my internship this summer to is coordinate Gettysburg is Volunteering (GIV) Day, which serves as an introduction to the Center for Public Service, community service and social justice for the incoming freshmen. The main reason why I wanted this position was because I wanted to make students feel connected to the community they will be a part of and make them realize their responsibility as a member of that community to address the social issues they see. I want them to realize that they are capable of instigating change by, first, recognizing the problem, then learning more about it through conversation and lastly, to act against it in a compassionate and informed manner. I want them to stand by and support me and CPS and its friends as we work for social change. I want them to lead me because I definitely do not have all the answers. I want to engage them in conversation about service and social justice issues. I want to learn from their experiences and I want to be challenged and inspired by their thoughts. GIV Day is not about me telling people how to change the world; it’s about us realizing all we can learn from each other and coming together to create a more just community.

So, let’s change the world.


Countdown to GIV Day: 81 days


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