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Re: It’s Ms. Mzungu, thank you!

June 12, 2011

Hey guys!

So first off, I LOVED getting comments, this is so exciting!!!
I have to fully agree with Kate on this one. The main reason I made a point to add in this quote was not to scare anyone in the states but because it was said by an African women who grew up and has lived in Uganda her entire life. I know that not being here in Masaka first hand would make understanding this quote from an ethical stand-point difficult, and that is exactly why I included it. It wasn’t me stereotyping Africa as a whole, it was simply my host mom telling me what she has seen and warning me to make good decisions. 
My host family lives deep in a residential/village-type area. My walk can be scary and I have had to get out of difficult situations in the last three weeks getting home (not too sound dramatic…sorry mom!). Without this being the first thing my host mom told me, I may not have put up the defensive guard that is necessary in a place where I am a potential target everywhere simply by the color of my skin. Of course not everyone gets raped in Africa, but my host mom was just protecting me as any mom would. 
I’m not attempting to scare people in the states, I am only expressing what I have experienced and heard here. Sorry if I offended anyone, it’s just a different way of living here. Not to say that isn’t BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING!!!!!!! 

– Margot 

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