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Mexican Hindsight

June 26, 2011

So, this may be considered cheating, but I think it’s important enough to do it anyway,
I’m instead going to post an article that is based on what I’ve been thinking about rather than write.
It isn’t completely impersonal, this article was written by Dr. Esteban Krotz, a Mexican anthropologist.
I first read the article while taking a class with him at la UADY in Merida, Mexico last Fall Semester.
I’ll be honest and say I hated the class (8 am to 12 pm Monday) while I was in it (he was boring to listen to)
but right now, I can’t stop thinking about it. He talks about anthropology, but the important ideas are there.

Here is the abstract

Traditionally, the southern part of the world has been considered
largely as the privileged field for anthropological research carried out from the
perspective of the North, where anthropology had its roots as a scientific discipline.
There is still little awareness that in the South an increasing number of
particular anthropological traditions has emerged and consolidated during the
last decades. This article tries to identify the principal reasons for the silencing
of these processes and to point out some important elements for the characterization
of the new ’anthropologies of the South’. Their study will not only be
a contribution to the knowledge of specific traditions of culture contact and
anthropological sciences, but also to that of worldwide anthropology of which
these specific anthropologies are a part.

Here is the link

And an apology to Profe Krotz for not appreciating your class more when I was in it,


PS for nerds, this book, “World Anthropologies: Disciplinary Transformations Within Systems of Power,” explores these themes
more intimately with a series of articles from all over (Japan, India, Russia, Australia, Brazil etc.)


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