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Today was the worst day ever…

July 7, 2011

Remember that graph that Kim drew during one of our last training sessions that was to describe our mood over the course of the internship?  There was the “honeymoon” phase, followed by the steep decline, and then the gradual return to normalcy.

Well, I’m officially at the bottom of that line graph.

This morning, I went to the library to continue editing the short video I was making for GIV Day about the Gettysburg community.  I uploaded the new videos I had and tried to save them in the folder I had created.  Apparently they were under the same name as the old ones, so a screen popped up and asked if I wanted to “move and replace,” and I said, “Why, yes.  Yes, I do.”  Never once did it occur to me that it would overwrite the old videos already in that folder or that losing them would have any consequences.  Lo and behold, the GIV Day video is now full of the new videos, none of which has any commentary!  So the GIV Day video is gone.  What’s really upsetting is that I watched it before I did anything this morning and was really happy about how it looked and hoping to show it to people tomorrow.  Well, now I can’t.  And no one will ever know how great it was.

But on top of that, Campus Kitchen had to prepare food for a large number of people today for the Fair Share/Circles picnic and LIU meals.  Knowing we had a lot to do, Emily and I started early, thinking the volunteers could help with the actual cooking and not the preparation.  Well, they never showed up.  Around 3:45pm, fifteen minutes after the volunteers were supposed to arrive, I started to freak out quietly.  I was coming up with an emergency plan of who to recruit for help.  Emily and I were moving along alright on our own so we didn’t call anyone.  Five o’clock rolls around and no one has shown up to pick up the meals for the migrant families.  At this point, I’m starting to doubt if it’s actually Wednesday.  It is.  It seemed like everything that could go wrong, did.  We got the food out to the park just a bit late, but, you know, there were only two of us preparing dinner for 70 people.

So, at the end of this very long and rocky day, here are the things I’ve realized:

  • A new GIV Day video can be made!  It may not be like the first, but it will hopefully express the same ideas.
  • Always back up any sort of media/files!  And be very careful to say yes to a computer.
  • Emily and I are very capable women.
  • The tough times are followed by good times.  Right?


Countdown to GIV Day: 51 days



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