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Finally pictures

July 8, 2011

I am due to put up pictures and since seeing Margot’s I really want to put up some. Please forgive me because some of these are from a month ago but hopefully people enjoy.

1. The badass ladies I work with
2. All of us helping start the water-harvesting tank (I took a break real fast to take a picture)
3. Picnic lunch. My facilitator insisted we take a picture of this because after 6 weeks of work he still thinks its hilarious that I eat Ugandan food.
4. Imelda Nalule (Midwife and in charge of the Maternity Ward at Uganda Cares) teaching an awesome seminar on family-planning. This was the best seminar yet. The third one out of four, we talked about all the ways you can control the amount of babies you have including both natural and modern methods. This was a topic the women of my group were incredibly interested since many of them hadn’t had the access to this kind of information. Even a man came in support of his wife and interest of the topic. What I was so happy to find out was that if the women choose to want to do some of these things, Imelda told them that they can come to Uganda Cares and Masaka Hospital because the government gives out many of these products for free, when there is enough money. I told Imelda before hand that the seminar would only be two hours, but she took the time to stay for over three hours to answer all kinds of questions, even the hilarious ones. She was so impressive and by far one of the coolest people that I have met being here.

The first seminar was on healthy foods and clean water
The second seminar was on wood stove smoke damage and ways to prevent it

5. Dorothy, my lovely host Mum
6. My hilarious but great host sister Philo, who also shares my love for disney movies
7. The baby goat born on construction day 🙂
8. Me using a hoe to dig. My group members found it hilarious that I could slightly wield a heavy tool




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