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Re: How can you convince teenagers to go healthy?

July 12, 2011

Thank you, Emily! I will check it out!
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There is a great series on tv called Jamie Oliver: Food Revolution, and he specializes in going into schools and working with teenagers to inform them of food issues– and he does it rather well. I’ll try and look for links to his show. In one show, he went into a high school, gave everyone ice cream, and then preceded to show them all the nasty ingredients that were in it as they were eating. He totally grossed them out. Also, he brought in a learning activity where he asked “does milk come from a) a cow b) a tree or c) a flower” and so on and so forth. The milk one is just an example, and probably everyone will know it, but for other foods such as corn, blueberries, etc, some people just don’t know. He’s got a ton of pages that will link you to his website. I hope this helps a bit. the “where does this come from” test could be a good/easy power point to put together. He did it one-on-one, so that they had to answer, and so they didn’t have help. But you could do it in a classroom setting, too.

Hope that helps,

I love that you’re doing this.

If CKP can help you with anything, let me know!

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