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July 13, 2011

So I visit doctor once again, well actually twice. I have been home sick for almost a week now; by this point I have convinced myself that I will most likely stay like this forever or have to leave Nicaragua. I know this is quiet the exaggeration, but I tend to act like a child when I am sick, it’s a horrible quality. My host family has been running around like crazy from one pharmacy to another. My relationship with them has gotten to the point where they can tease me, without worrying about my feelings. My host brother, who is the one that is sent to venture out for medicine on his motorcycle, says that we might as well buy our own pharmacy. The two IV’s I have received were injected by my host mother’s sister Lucia. My family has the advantage of not having to stand two or three hours in line at the clinic for an appointment because of Lucia. I am not sure what I have, my diagnoses and medicine has been which from a simply fever to parasites in my stomach to a stomach virus and who knows what else. All I know is that I am finally getting a lot better, and hopefully I will remain this way for the rest of my stay. I figure this I will be immune to any other flu or virus I encounter.
Staying home all day, I have learned everyone’s work and food schedule. My host mother is alone for most the day with the women who helps clean the house. I think this is another reason the two of us have become very close, I keep her company when I come back from work and hanging out with my friends. She is the mother of three sons, and raised other family members as well. Her youngest son, Martin, whom I have also become close to, tells me that I am like the daughter she never had. At times he says this in a joking manner. Telling me that now she has a head to braid and a woman to talk to, but then at times he tells me this seriously. I am not sure when or how I will be coming back to visit my host family, but after all the good and pretty bad times I’ve had with them I need to find a way to return for a while. Well I’m sure no one wants to read any of the detail of this past week so I will leave it at this.
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