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Why does it matter to be INFORMED and EXPOSED?

July 18, 2011

Apparently I always get inspired to blog while I’m preparing lessons..! So I will spare a few minutes from my preparation time to share something with the Heston community!!

Two weeks ago a new student came to the LIU to ask for lessons. It was in the morning so Candido (that’s his name) actually stayed and worked with me. I was impressed how advanced he was because he was able to talk freely and he insisted on studying grammar and difficult vocabulary. Because he works at night he started coming for the mornings lessons and this will be the third week I’m working with him. Last week the topic we discussed was education and there was a short text he had to read about American education. However, instead of focusing on the textbook we started talking and I realized he was not aware of the different education paths you can take after high school. So I ended up explaining the difference between technical school, college, and university as well as what a graduate degree is. It took us about an hour to figure it all out and now he’s a lot more competent about it. I want to point out, however, what might be a priority for us can be so out of the life of someone else. While I’ve grown up with the idea of receiving both undergraduate and graduate education and I take for granted the information I’m exposed to, some of the people I work with this summer haven’t even had the chance to consider higher education….or haven’t had access to this type of information.

A week later Jorge and I brought the families to the pool at the college and after having fun in the water we all had pizza and dessert together (thanks Cam for the peaches!!). Since we were in the Junction it was the perfect time for me to talk about the college and I took the opportunity to emphasize the importance of education even for their youngest kids. We also had a walk around campus together and some of the families were apparently a lot interested in the college..something we are exposed to every day.

To be INFORMED and EXPOSED…can apparently determine the direction of one’s life..



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