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What Happens if I Don’t Get on the Plane?

July 23, 2011


            Saying goodbye STINKS! Oh, and it is official. I don’t want to leave. Yesterday I had to tell all of the staff of my organization that it was my last day at Morning Prayer and I completely broke down when I saw my facilitator trying not to cry in the corner of the room. Hello embarrassing. I have decided it is going to take a lot to get me on the plane. It’s not that I don’t miss everyone like crazy… and showers… but really I love it here. I am spending more time thinking about how to get back here than about the cheese I want to eat (Anyone who knows me understands that that’s huge).  Today my facilitator, supervisor and coordinator insisted that I meet them at a local bar because they “want to have fun with me”. They gave me cards, presents and wouldn’t let me leave until I had about 5 beers (Bells for anyone who knows what I mean). When I mentioned that maybe I should slow down they started screaming “Its culture!!!” and then laughing hysterically. The goodbye to my facilitator was the worst. She brought me to my boda and while crying, we hugged a million times before I rode away.

               On my last trip home, my boda-boda man just kept telling me he loved me. Whenever this has happened in the past it annoys me like crazy and I attempt to get into some philosophical discussion about ‘what is love?’ Of course the fact that we don’t speak the same language kind of means I’m just talking to myself and making myself look like a crazy person. Good tactic. I mean, what boda man wants a crazyyy muzungu?! But last night I simply replied “I love you too.” The entire week has been emotional, tiring and quite depressing. But I know I’ll be back, I won’t be able to resist.  

         I would touch on Jinja and our epic rafting trip but I have waited until the last minute to write this post knowing it would be tough. So, I must go attempt to fit a HUGE mat that my host mom gave last night into my backpack before tea. 

         THANK YOU MR HESTON!!!! You have actually changed all three of our lives. We have seen and experienced more here than people do in their whole lives. It would be impossible for us to forget. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pictures one and two: RAFTING!!!!!

Three:I want to bring this one home with me. 

Four: What happens when you put 3 Gburg students in Jinja

Five: View of the NIle from our hostel in Jinja

Six: My supervisor giving me my certificate of completion.

Seven: My facilitator 🙂 



Be home soon.

– Margot






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