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2 More Weeks…

July 24, 2011

Tomorrow the Heston interns in Gettysburg start week 8… I am still trying to understand how time passed by so fast. I feel like we just moved in yesterday and I am not ready to start packing and be done with the job…! At the same time I realize we’ve all been through a lot and this makes the situation even more confusing. Anyway, living and working together here proves to be a lot better than we thought it would be. I am still so pleased that we are trying to be involved or at least aware of each other’s work and not just engulfed in our own duties. Moreover, the feeling that you can come home and share what the good and bad of the day with a friend who will listen is so precious. I’ve never expected to be so secure and happy at a home different than my own back in Bulgaria. I didn’t even refer to my dorm room as home during the year and now I am not ready to leave the Heston home yet….

At the same time I think about my students at the LIU and I don’t want to stop working with them. With me this summer there are 3 teachers for the English classes and now we have 3 groups of students at different levels. Because the beginners group was too big we decided to divide the people and now I mostly work with 5 adults who needed to begin learning from scratch. My other concern, however, is that I’ve taken full responsibility for the morning classes and I am the only teacher available. Typically we don’t get more than 4-5 people in total and they don’t have regular attendance, but I am still there ready to teach even if I get one person. I don’t know who will take over once I have to leave but I know for sure that I’ve grown so attached to the students that I don’t want anyone other than I to do so. I am just starting to pick up more Spanish, I already know my students well, I can see they are so eager to learn, I am friends with their children…and I’ve always wanted to teach and witness the whole process of giving knowledge to someone and seeing them advance. As a bilingual speaker myself I can hardly imagine living here and not being able to communicate freely. Imagine the feeling of not knowing how to process basic daily life things because you cannot speak or you feel embarrassed that only talk and understand a little bit of this and that. Imagine being a parent and not being able to talk to your child’s teacher because you don’t know enough English. Thinking about all possible similar situations makes me not want to leave. Now I understand how hard it is to leave when you know that you can help and at the same time you have to go.

Let’s not forget…IMPRINT… who will make all of the kids write and read when they only want to be on a computer and when I am most surely bothering them when I try to make them learn something. I can say for sure that I’ve been the strictest teacher during this summer and probably they don’t enjoy it a lot. Every time someone complains I tell them that we are going to finish the task because “I am here this summer to work with you and we are all here to work hard”.

Maybe I will conclude in a similar way my blog for today… “I have two more weeks left, but I am still here and I am here to work hard and give the best out of myself!”

Enjoy your Sunday!



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