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August 5, 2011

I am crying now just thinking about the tearful good-bye that occured at the end of ESL class this evening! As Elle explained, it was extremely touching to see how much the students appreciated the help Aleks had given them over the past few weeks.  However, it was even more touching to see how much her relationships with the LIU families meant to Aleks.  And I think that’s something we’re all dealing with as our programs come to an end. 

We are all so emotionally connected to the agencies with which we’ve been involved.  Not only do we feel passionately about the values and missions of these agencies, but we’ve built relationships with the people we’ve come in contact with. Cam talked about how people just don’t care about certain causes or issues and I think the reason for this is because they have no emotional tie to the issue. The predominant view of people is that “if it doesn’t affect me, I don’t care about it.” If my hypothesis is right, the fact that we’re so sad to leave behind parts of the community shows just how successful this internship really was.  The fact that it’s so hard for us to say good-bye shows just how much we care. 

The five of us have been connected to the community, deeply and emotionally and there’s really nothing that could ever take that away.   Yes, it is really sad to have to let someone else take our places in certain programs but that doesn’t change the emotional connection we feel to that program.  And if you can get one person (or five Hestons) to care, there’s hope for widespreed community support.  Hey. It may be cheesy but I want to believe it.


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