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September 16, 2011

This Monday I saw the Gettysburg home page and I was so excited to read about Heston. However, I finally decided to admit that I feel disappointed since at least from a personal point of view I found inaccuracies in the individual blurbs. I didn’t react since I think you can still get the gist of what we did and I still think maybe it is just because I am so much more emotional about it. Anyway, I wanted to share my blurb with the Heston community (this the blurb I wrote since the website people asked me for info…). This is how I replied to the question what my internship meant for me:

This summer I had the amazing opportunity to work for the Center for Public Service as a Heston intern. As a result, I worked for a migrant education program at the Lincoln Intermediate Unit and IMPRINT -an after-school program at the Gettysburg Middle School. These two positions helped me learn a lot about the community I came to as a Gettysburg College student and to realize that without the necessary resources and knowledge surviving here, in the United States, can turn out to be a struggle. For the most part I taught English and organized educational activities for both the adults and children involved in the programs. I managed to enrich my understanding of the issues of social justice, poverty, and immigration by gaining hands on experience and communicating with my students and supervisors.

As a teacher during the Heston internship I had my lessons too. These are the lessons I learned through every day work, with its ups and downs, the lessons coming straight from capable adults unable to identify themselves in a society of barriers and the lessons from the children of families in poor financial situations. I keep my Heston moments very dear to my heart since I refer to my job this summer as an ongoing experience, a tool to understand, analyze, reflect, and give! I hope more students here will be open to explore what exists beyond the college because they will discover a diverse community, which will change their perspective about Gettysburg as a town and home, which can be a different type of school – the school of life.



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